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Repaints & Touch-Ups

Varnishing & Clear coat (Internal and External Applications)

Boatspray can attend to all the interior and exterior varnished surfaces of your boat.  Protect your boat from the effects of UV and have your boat looking its best with professional advice on preparation and finishes to suit your needs.

We can also clear coat components such as carbon spars and panels.

Stainless Restoration


Cut & Polish

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Boat Painting Services

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Outsourced Services

We work with most major brands of antifoul and we have established reliable systems for both new systems and recoating.  At Boatspray all anti-foul coatings are sprayed unless weather prohibits.

We take the opportunity to give your hull a good visual inspection during the antifouling process to ensure everything is in good order!  We also check for things like osmosis, cracking and early signs of electrolysis.

Boatspray recommends an 18-24 month replacement of your anti-foul system (12 months for aluminum vessels).

Enjoy a complimentary deck wash with every anti-foul.

A clean propeller is an effective way to increase your vessel’s performance and fuel efficiency.

Boatspray Ltd is an approved Propspeed™ applicator.

Propspeed™ is an advanced primer and non toxic silicone-based coating. It is designed to resist wear in the turbulent environment of a working propeller and prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline. Propspeed™ works because it is slick, not because it is toxic.

Propspeed™ is an environmentally safe product and does not contain copper, tin or any other toxic substances which may cause environmental pollution. Propspeed™ is recommended for use on shafts, bow thrusters, rudders, trim tabs and keel coolers.

The effectiveness of Prospeed is compromised if your vessel has an electrolyisis issue or if the propeller comes into contact with weed, rope or other objects.

Ask around.  Boatspray has a solid reputation for turning out the highest quality workmanship, from simple gel coat touch-ups to extensive non-skid applications.  Our fully enclosed paint shed allows us to carry out complete vessel resprays with two-pack finishes, enameling, varnishing or interior lacquer coatings. 

Our service also extends to all those extras above and below the water including mast and boom repaints, interior parts, rudders and foils. At the same time we can refurbish your deck brightwork (varnish or oiling), gel coat restoration, cutting and polishing and stainless steel restoration.  Just ask!

One of the challenges for owners is getting maximum effectiveness from your time out of the water. 

Often you will have several projects in mind, Boatspray can project manage your entire refurbishment / refit.

Being located on site at Half Moon Bay Marina we are able to organise and assist with Marina bookings and schedules to complete your project.  We will organise the other contractors (boat building, electrical, rigging, signage and graphics etc) so you only have to deal with one person. Let us handle it for you!

Small repairs to your boat, updating or moving fittings or a few scratches needn’t mean a full repaint.

The Boatspray team will use the latest products and techniques to match your current paint colour and boat finish.

Whether it is a small ‘ding’ that needs fixing or a full repaint inside or out, our experienced team can provide a colour matching service or advice on changing the look of your boat.

Boatspray is a recognised repairer/provider with all the major marine insurance providers.

Boatspray offers stainless restoration in house to return your stainless work to its former glory.

A visit to Boatspray may not include any painting at all. Caring for your boat can be as easy as a cut & polish. 

Let us help you to maintain your investment.


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As part of our overall service Boatspray will organise to outsource any work that we cannot offer ourselves to get your boat back on the water in the best condition possible.  We generally do not charge for coordinating sub contractor work however will pass on costs such as freight and transport where incurred.

Graphics & Signage

Boatspray will also organise stripes, signage and graphics to be produced and put on your boat after painting is complete.

Electro Polishing

Where our own services are unable to restore stainless steel components, We have access to the largest electro polishing facility in New Zealand (5m x 2m x 1.4m). This service also offers stripping and cleaning pretreatment of small metal components.


Anchors and chain can be regalvanised, This is effective provided the existing material is not too rusty.


We have worked with an Auckland firm for many years who understands the requirements of scaffolding large vessels and challenging areas such as flybridges.


We can arrange new and refurbished upholstery including covers, squabs, sail covers, dodgers, clears etc..

Expert Advice, Expert Services

Leave it to the experts.  Let us help you choose the solution that is right for your boat and the water conditions.

We provide a complete package, including project management of sub-contractors, that is affordable, reliable and, above all, exceptionally high quality. 

We’ll tailor our service to your needs. 

Our estimating will give you a detailed and reliable price guide to our work, and we’ll stick to our pricing unless there are unforeseen issues or extra services added to the job scope.

Boat Spray Services

  1. Repaints and Touch-Ups

  2. Antifoul Services

  3. Propspeed

  4. Varnish and clear coat

  5. Colour matching

  6. Project Management

  7. Insurance Repairs

  8. Cut & Polish

  9. Stainless restoration

  10. Monthly or ‘as required' boat wash on your HMB or BBYC berth

Outsourced Services on the yard at HMB Marina

  1. Boatbuilding, repairs and alterations

  2. Electrical

  3. Engineering and engine servicing

  4. Stainless and alloy work

  5. Rigging and sails

  6. Upholstery

Other Suppliers

  1. Signage, stripes and graphics

  2. Electro Polishing of Stainless Steel

  3. Galvanizing

  4. Scaffolding